Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brief Update

It's been awhile since I've been here, as you can tell. The last post was over 6 months ago!! And, gracious me, much has happened in those 6 months. I'll give you the highly abbreviated, yet not textspeak version... so it's not as abbreviated as it could be.

June - birthday, looked into a new job, learned that I missed the deadline for the job I wanted...
July - invited to extend at the old workplace, with a month off in August
August - completed my first 1-year contract, had to pack up my belongings on short notice, left for a lovely month with family and friends in the States. Niggling in the back of my mind the whole time - what happened to my belongings??
September - returned to Korea to learn that all was not well regarding my belongings, but none were lost or discarded... Then learned that my workplace was being closed by headquarters, began looking for a new job.
October - followed a friend's wise advice and returned home to wait for a new job, since the jobs open were not the jobs I wanted. God provided a place for me to store my belongings in the interim.
November - gained a job and traveled back to Korea over Thanksgiving and Black Friday
December - finally getting settled in at my new job and home.

Toldja a lot happened. Wonderfully, I could see God's hand working in every step of each new and challenging situation. He is faithful!! And good. And this new job was EXACTLY the one I was looking for (public middle school in Seoul). My new apartment - in a very cool part of Seoul. My new students - so. cute. (okay, not all of them, but seriously, some of them are cheek-pinching worthy in their adorableness!!!) My new co-teachers - quite good. My new foreigner ID card - super awesome, with lots of impressive features... seriously, I geeked out over them last night... (and the picture is better than last year!)

Looking back over the year, I have become a better teacher, become a more confident person, lost weight, learned over and over again to trust God, and reveled in my family and friends and in the amazing and challenging situations God has placed me in.

Signing off for now (It does say 'brief' update, after all...),
Miss Chatters