Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check it out!

Earlier I posted about my favorite online clothing store, c28, but now I'm telling you about a certain Etsy store. For those of you who are asking "What is etsy???", allow me to enlighten you... sort of. Etsy is a site which allows people to sell their crafts or crafting supplies to other crafty-minded people, or people who simply like cool stuff. So whose Etsy store am I promoting? Call it nepotism, but I'm endorsing the little shop my sister and mom have made:
In the event that you didn't know (and there are plenty of those events), my mom is a serious crafter. She loves making things and trying new ideas, and loves when she can spend a whole day just crafting. Some of the things Mom has made are handbags, like this one, and she just might put more up for sale if they seem to be selling. My sister has also caught the crafting bug. She enjoys repurposing things like making a fork into a bracelet - a fracelet. She's also changed a lot of shirts - adding ruffles to make a plain t-shirt into a dressy faux tuxedo shirt, but she likes to wear those herself. She is, however, selling her collection of ties, which are pretty much a steal at about a dollar apiece.
So, check it out, buy some stuff, and support the good cause. What good cause? I forgot to mention it! "We're selling these items to help Jos head to the other side of the world. She's excited to go, and we're excited that you're interested in helping her get there!" - from the shop.