Thursday, January 21, 2010

This will be brief... I think.

I should totally be getting ready for bed right now, I already had a headache earlier today from lack of sleep - bad me. Howsomever, I just logged back onto blogger, so I feel drawn to post something.

Right now I am listening to the single of a rookie Korean band which debuted in Korea this past week. I like the song enough to play it twice in a row. I partly like the band because one of the members was in a drama this fall that I loved!

I've begun my final semester!!! Woohoo! Hopefully I'll acquit myself well. I "get" to have 4 English classes this semester, plus two more classes on top of that. Why did I decide to add an English major? I'm not really sure, but it's too late to turn back now.

People have been dying this year. A few years ago, my dad was performing one funeral each week from the beginning of the year until sometime in March, and that phenomenon seems to be recurring. There have been 5 people who have died so far this year who are connected in some way to my family, it's kind of weird. I wasn't really close to any of them, but even so I don't feel guilty about not being grief-stricken - I know for certain that they are in a better place. But then there are the people in Haiti. One earthquake shattered their already-unstable land last week, which was horrifying in and of itself, but then a second one today. I'm thankful that God has a plan, because if I didn't know this, I think I would be upset that He would allow such massive losses of life in such a sudden, catastrophic way. Haiti's earthquakes weren't halfway around the world, which makes them far more shocking and personal to me. It's not as personal as it would be if I knew people who died, but I know people who knew people... It's a strange feeling.

I'm tired. Just physically tired? I don't know, but I need rest.
Ergo, I'm signing off now,
Miss Chatters